={OMG}= Burtybassett CL a posted Jul 9, 15

Please read before you apply to join 

Old Mohaa Gamers

Come and join our friendly Clan !

These rules must be obeyed on our servers at all times.

1) Do not cheat. This rule applies to anything you may have on your computer which gives you an unfair advantage over other players.

2) Do not spawn/port camp..

3) Watch your language! Swearing is not tolerated on our servers as we have many people from all over the world joining our servers, including people of many ages.

4) Do as instructed by an Admin. Ignoring an admin may result in a kick.

5) Do not disrespect others. Whether a ={OMG}= member or a member of the public, disrespecting others is not tolerated on our servers. 

6) Do not purposely teamkill.

7) Use English Only. 
8) If you are a member you must wear your ={OMG}= tags no matter what or you will be removed from the clan no excuses for taking them off.
Not keeping to these rules may result in you being kicked and/ or banned. These rules may be edited at any time, and an admin or server admin's judgment is always final
keep our servers  alive